Tactical Operators such as SWAT, SRT, ERT, SRT or Narcotic Units must understand the importance of a Tactical Building Entry by Breaching. A detail could consist of a forceful/violent entry /breach.  Operators must have the ability to quickly enter and gain access to the buildings/houses quickly for the safety of the team, hostages, bystanders or targeted subjects. Breaching techniques vary, depending on the type of structured encountered. Entry Tools play a great role upon breaching.

There are many types of tools available to the breaching element.  If possible, conduct the breach to allow the team to continue movement without waiting at the breaching (stage). Distractions should be utilized to confuse the targeted subjects as to the location of the Primary Entry Point. This can be achieved by utilizing different tools such as stun grenades or window rakes in an area other than the actual breach/entry point. 

Types of Breaching

  • Mechanical
  • Ballistic
  • Thermal
  • Explosive
  • Mindset, to breach and dominate your environment.



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