Our instructors and staff offer professional services with years of knowledge, training and experience in the local, state and federal side.  trainings are tailored to meet different professional goals.

Juan Carlos Valdez


Experience in:

  • 9 years in Karate Judo Martial Arts
  • 5 years as Correctional Officer
  • 16 1/2 years State Military Forces
  • Military Drill Instructor
  • PPCT/Pressure Points Technique
  • 5 years in Hand to Hand Combat
  • Present: 11 years in (DHS) Federal Contract Guard/Federal Protective Services
  • State Military Personal Protection details
  • Dynamic Entry Tactics/ Close Quarter Shooting Instructor
  • OC Spray Instructor
  • CPR/First Aid/ AED Instructor
  • Drill Instructor National Guard for Texas

Juan “Johnny” Garcia


Federal Contract Protective Security Officer for 23 years.

  • Personal Escorts to Federal judges to their chambers and vehicles.
  • Experience in martial arts skills to subdue and restrain any unwilling individual.

Martial Art Skills:

  • 2 years of karate.
  • 2 years of Aikido.
  • 14 years of Brazilian Jujitsu.
  • Competed twice at the International Brazilian Jujitsu Federation.
  • Trained with Bas Rutten (MMA fighter).
  • Trained with Royce Gracie (BJJ).
  • Trained with Vinicius “ Draculino “ Magalhaes (BJJ).
  • Trained with Ricardo Franjinha Miller ( BJJ).
  • Training federal agents for 6 years such as: Border Patrol, ATF, FBI, Laredo police Department and HSI under the Paragon jujitsu school and trained civilians for 8 years.


212 Sabal Lp, Laredo TX 78045

State License


Member of
Laredo Chamber of Commerce